How To Repair Carpet Bubbles

How To Repair Carpet Bubbles

Your carpets are one of the most important assets of your house. They give a great look to your floor and improve the overall appearance of your house. Cleaning your carpets regularly can help in saving them from getting damaged and prevent stains formation. Sometimes after cleaning the carpets you will notice bubbling in the carpets. Bubbling of carpets can be caused due to many reasons and can damage your carpets permanently if not treated on time. If you want to save your carpets from permanent damage and treat them from bubbling you need to learn the treatment for carpet bubbling. 

In this blog, we have explained in detail about treatment for carpet bubbling. Read it carefully to solve your carpet bubbling issue. 

Why Do You Need Carpet Bubbling Treatment?

Carpet bubbling treatment is important to protect your carpets from getting damaged and prolong their lifespan. Professional carpet bubbling treatment will help you in many ways such as saving you money and time as well. Professionals will also ensure that your carpets will be safe in the future. They will also help in making your carpet look like a new one by getting it back to its original shape. This is why it is important to get treatment for carpet bubbling. 

Reasons For Causing Ripples And Bubbles On Carpets- 

  • Environmental factors- There are many environmental factors that can affect your carpets and cause ripples and bubbles on them. Humidity is one of the main environmental factors that can cause bubbles on your carpets. Humidity will eventually swell and overstretch the carpets which will result in carpet bubbling. Flooding is also one of the environmental factors that can result in carpet bubbling. When water enters the carpet fabrics it can swell up the carpet resulting in carpet bubbling. 
  • Wrong Installation- The way you install your carpets can also sometimes affect your carpets. The wrong type of cushioning and padding can create gaps in the carpets so it is important to install the right cushioning and padding to save your carpets from bubbling and rippling. Poor workmanship is one of the reasons for carpet bubbling. Inexperienced carpet stretchers can make a mistake while installing the carpets which can lead to carpet bubbling. 
  • Wrong Cleaning Methods- Cleaning your carpets using the wrong techniques can also result in the bubbling of the carpets. Overwetting is one of the main problems that can cause carpet bubbling. Apart from this, using the wrong cleaning solution is also one of the reasons for carpet bubbling. This is one of the reasons why you need to hire professionals to get treatment for carpet bubbling. 

Treatment For Carpet Bubbling By Stretching Them

Carpet restretching is one of the most common and effective ways to get rid of carpet bubbling. You can use this technique in order to treat any type of carpet bubbles. 

Step 1- Remove all the furniture from the carpets and place them in a new room. This will help in performing the task easily. 

Step 2- Now remove the old tack strips using a pry bar. If they are not damaged you can reuse them.

Step 3- Install new strips with the help of the rubber mallet. Make sure to keep it one inch away from the wall. 

Step 4- Now place the power stretcher in the middle of the room and its base should be 6 inches away from the wall. 

Step 5- Once it is completed you can smoothen the corners of the carpet to remove the remaining bubbles using a knee kicker. 

Step 6- Use a staple gun to secure the carpet and place the cupboards back in their places. Now your carpet is completely fixed without any bubbles. All these steps are useful in the treatment of carpet bubbling. 

Hire Professional Carpet Repair Experts- Fix Bubbled Carpets Easily

When your carpets get bubbled, you can not clean them using DIYs as a buckled carpet area will create problems in cleaning. With carpet cleaning, many companies also provide carpet stretching and carpet repair services. You can rely on them for restretching your carpets. One of the major benefits of getting your carpets cleaned by professionals is that they can avoid any sort of bubbling while cleaning or placing your carpets back. 

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